I had an EEG done at Dr. Malhotra’s office. The technician brought me in and set up the EEG. It took 45minutes to complete the test. When Dr. Malhotra called me the next morning  I was worried something was wrong. But to my surprise, Dr. Malhotra called to tell me the test was completely normal and offered to answer any questions that I had. I am still so impressed to have found a doctor who actually calls patients with normal results. Amazing!

Brian SheridanPatient

Dr. Malhotra was recommend as a very good EMG doctor by a friend. I was worried about having the painful and uncomfortable EMG procedure until I met Dr. Malhotra. He has a calming demeanor, was extremely fast with the test, and distracted me by talking about the stock market. Before I knew it the test was done and we were chatting about what the test showed. He gave me a clear diagnosis on the spot with a clear follow up and treatment plan.

Joshua FeldmanPatient

Dr. Malhotra is on another level. He reviewed all my history and completed a full neuro-exam himself from start to finish. He limits using medical assistants or physician assistants to get a history and believes in getting the history himself. I found his style and approach to be incredibly caring. He is obviously brilliant and loves his work.

Oliver SchwartzPatient

The office décor is dated but Dr. Malhotra basically all digital. His staff incredibly efficient, use all digital reminders, and send forms via a patient portal in seconds.

Steven TrevorPatient

I came to Dr. Malhotra for second opinion of Small Fiber Neuropathy. Although I have carried the diagnosis for 6 years, Dr. Malhotra was the first to explain it on molecular level. He showed me pictures of a skin biopsy and what actually happens. Impressive!

Marissa BernsteinPatient

Dr. Malhotra helped me deal with a major injury. I was initially treated by a physician provided by my employer at an excellent academic intuition. However, my complaints of recurrent headaches were ignored because they were not part of my initial fall and injury. I saw Dr. Malhotra for the headaches and learned the headaches and my injury were connected all along: I had some spinal fluid leak in my back. The headaches that wouldn’t go away were fixed with 1 procedure.

Michael SkinnerPatient

I saw Dr. Ashwin on a video visit for a painful facial rash and blurry vision that came out of nowhere on a Sunday afternoon. Within minutes of talking to me, Dr. Ashwin directed me to nearest ER. I was admitted immediately in the ER for intravenous antibiotics. Days later Dr. Ashwin called me to follow up to make sure I was doing well. I had a varicella zoster virus infection extending into my brain, and luckily it was caught early.

Alison MurphyPatient

Dr. Malhotra was recommend by a friend in the medical field. He is a physician’s physician. He approach to preventative neurology is unique and effective. It’s simple as “exercise every day,” but also complicated as “must fast for 16 hours to suppress the m-Tor Pathway.”

Michelle IrisPatient

Dr. Ashwin saved my life. I was injured in a car accident and was undergoing physical therapy/chiro for neck and back pain when Dr. Ashwin examined me and found that I had a vertebral artery dissection from the accident.

Eugene ChoiPatient

The most modern medical practice in Brooklyn by far. The office construction is old, but the staff is high energy and efficient. And Dr. Malhotra is tech genius. Everything is digital and paperless. I walked in and completed my medical history on my phone. And I walked out with instructions on how to manage my injury on the phone in an email. And I was able to complete a quick follow up visit via video visit on my phone and have my medications adjusted without having to miss a day of work.

Lucky Singh Patient